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by Shae Gawlak (Fit to be Kids)


1. Never skip breakfast – breakfast is the most important meal of the entire day. Make sure to eat nutritious foods that support your physical activity for the day as well as for bone, muscle, & brain growth; like a bowl of oatmeal, with fresh fruit & almonds, along with some scrambled eggs and a cold glass of milk.

2. Eat plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables daily – make sure ½ of your plate is filled with fruits and veggies with each important meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

3. Always stay hydrated – replace sugary sports drinks & sodas with water; add slices of fresh fruit like strawberries, lemons, limes or watermelons to your water for a delicious flavor. Staying hydrated prevents heat related illness: symptoms are headache, cold sweats, exhaustion, nausea and/or vomiting, and diarrhea.

4. Wear sunscreen – apply sunscreen about every 2-3 hours and more often when in or around water.

5. Wear sunglasses – wearing sunglasses blocks up to 99% of UV rays which can easily damage the eye because of sunburn.

6. Get plenty of rest – during the hot summer heat, making sure you get plenty of rest is important to prevent heat exhaustion while playing outside, take frequent shaded breaks. Getting 8-10 hours of sleep every night is important for recuperation and growth.

7. Good oral hygiene – make sure to brush your teeth every morning and every night before bedtime. Seeing a dentist every 6 months is imperative in order to prevent major dental issues – poor dental hygiene causes other health problems, mainly with digestion.

8. Stay Active! – find activities you enjoy; like riding your bike, swimming, playing sports with your friends; a minimum of 60 minutes of daily physical activity is recommended for all children.

9. Wear safety gear – when riding your bike, skateboarding, roller skating or blading always make sure to wear a helmet, elbow & shin guards and appropriate close toed shoes.

10. R.I.C.E. – if you experience an injury from being physically active make sure you get enough REST, apply ICE and COMPRESSION to the injured site, and keep the injured area ELEVATED.

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DIY BUNNY UNICORN SOFTIE http://www.child2care.com/2018/03/28/diy-bunny-unicorn-softie/ http://www.child2care.com/2018/03/28/diy-bunny-unicorn-softie/#respond Wed, 28 Mar 2018 13:57:39 +0000 http://www.child2care.com/?p=12

If you liked our Easter Bunny Unicorn Cards  you will love this adorable Bunny Unicorn Softie! Some may call it a “bunnicorn” but either way we’re in love with the unicorn animal hybrid trend (have you see our Unicorn Animal Alphabet?).

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Hopping straight on to the details, this softie couldn’t be easier for kids to help make. Younger kids will need help with the machine sewing part (or you can also do a no-sew softie version) and we’ve made this one easy with glued on felt ears, pom pom nose, tail, flowers and drawn-on faces.

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Of course if you’re an expert sewer, feel free to stitch all the features on, but since we like to keep it simple and kid-friendly here, we wanted to show an option that would be suitable for little ones to make.

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Read on below to get the material list to make your own DIY Bunny Unicorn Softie and our FREE printable pattern.


DIY Bunny Unicorn Softie – Materials:

  • Free Printable Pattern (download below)
  • White cotton fabric (these white tea towels also work)
  • Pins
  • Metallic gold iron on vinyl
  • Needle and thread (we used a sewing machine but you can sew by hand)
  • Crafty decorations like pom poms (nose and tail), craft flowers
  • Thin black marker
  • Pink felt
  • Hot glue
  • Polyfill

Click Here to Get Your Free Printable



Step 1: Print your free pattern out and cut out. Lay on top of two layers of white cotton and trace lightly around with a pencil.

Step 2. Pin your fabric together to hold it while cutting out the pattern (two pieces of fabric).

Step 3. Remove one of the layers and use the template to cut out the horn shape out of your gold vinyl.

Step 4. Follow the vinyl instruction to iron on the gold horn to your white fabric. We were inspired by this tutorial on how to make the gold horn.

Step 5. Flip the side with the gold horn onto your other white layer and pin.

Step 6. Sew around leaving a 1/4″ seam and a hole on the bunny’s side so you can stuff it. Clip around the sewn edges with scissors.

Step 7. Reverse your fabric and stuff with p

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30 BEST OUTDOOR SUMMER GAMES AND ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS http://www.child2care.com/2018/03/28/hello-world/ http://www.child2care.com/2018/03/28/hello-world/#comments Wed, 28 Mar 2018 13:47:50 +0000 http://www.child2care.com/?p=1 We’ve been hanging outdoors with the kids pretty much all summer so far and are loving the warm weather and excuse to stay out way past our bedtimes. You don’t need much to keep the kids entertained, but if you’re looking for ideas that provide a bit more structure and fun, there are plenty of fantastic games and activities you can do right in your own backyard. Get messy with freezer paints and water balloons, make each kid their own slippery water blob to cool off, or get the whole family involved in a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt, ring toss game, bowling and more!

What are your favorite family outdoor activities?

Make sure to click on the links below to take you to the full tutorial. Happy summer!

1. Ocean Sensory Activity | A Little Pinch of Perfect
2. Scavenger Hunt Game | Little Monster
3. Siphon Water Coaster | Babble Dabble Do
4. Shaving Cream Balloons | Totally the Bomb
5. Water Balloon Painting | Let’s Lasso the Moon

6. Fishing Game | Lia Griffith
7. Painting Ice | Picklebums
8. Dunk Bucket | The Happy Housewife
9. Giant Bubbles | Happy Hooligans
10. Sailboat Craft | La Maison de Loulou

11. Pool Noodle Water Wall | Teaching Mama
12. Rock Faces | Club Chica Circle
13. Tic Tac Toe Rocks | Pink Stripe Socks
14. Balloon Dart Painting | hello, Wonderful
15. Pool Noodle Race Track | Ramblings From Utopia

16. Freezer Popsicle Paint | hello, Wonderful

17. Tin Can Toss Game | Crafts by Courtney

18. Emoji Beachball | And We Play

19. Yard Dice | A Houseful of Handmade

20. Melting Ice Cream Dough | Buggy and Buddy

21. Ring Toss Hedgehog | Pink Stripey Socks

22. Skate Balance Board | hello, Wonderful

23. Backyard Kerplunk Game | All Parenting

24. Obstacle Course | Ashley Ann Photography

25. Mini Water Blobs | hello, Wonderful

26. Summer Boredom Jar | hello, Wonderful
27. Nature Bingo | Handmade Charlotte
28. Giant Jenga Game | A Beautiful Mess
29. Bean Bag Toss | One More Moore
30. DIY Bowling | Bloesem Kids

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